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Arts of Marketing and Sales

Emotional Intelligence and Improved Lifestyle Improvements

Course Description :

Despite the writing and publication of thousands of books and articles on emotional intelligence; and the great amount of advice provided in these publications, only a few people were able to understand the real impact of this management approach, and fewer applied emotional intelligence practices in their daily lives to seek improvement their effectiveness and efficiency.

This course offers a new perspective on the concept of emotional intelligence: it focuses on how to change your lifestyle so that you can increase your productivity, success, and achievements. This intensive training course provides participants with the tools to make a positive change in their daily habits, personal and professional life.

The Audience:

This course targets all professionals in different disciplines and levels who seek to improve their productivity at work and in their personal lives as well. This course is of great value to managers and leaders who are crowded with their careers with many tasks and responsibilities that must stress their personal aspects.

Course Outcome:

  • Evolution of leadership how and where did it all begin?
  • The methodology of leadership traits, and causes of failure of the theory of leadership traits
  • Behavioral Leadership Methodology
  • Contradictions between the theory of tasks and the theory of individuals.
  • Situational leadership and the reasons for its success
  • Four quarters
  • High IQ and low IQ
  • The Five Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-evaluation
  • Recording and interpreting the results
  • Life applications of the conceptual model
  • Identify gaps and priorities
  • The importance of a strong physical foundation
  • Enhanced emotional IQ of leadership: a lifestyle methodology
  • Healthy foods versus excellent foods
  • Excellent foods and their impact on health and emotional intelligence
  • Using emotional intelligence in leadership. Defining emotional intelligence
  • History of the concept of emotional intelligence and the developments that followed its inception
  • Emotional EQ vs. IQ
  • The relationship between thoughts and emotions.16
  • Pyramid performance
  • The root cause of performance and behavior

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