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Arts of Marketing and Sales

Corporate governance: Foundations, Policies, and Best Practices

Course Description :

It is noted that there has been a growing emphasis and focus on business administration and legislative authorities over the past years on the principles and policies of corporate governance. There are many different models of corporate governance; all are designed to regulate the relationship between the company and stakeholders. Governance models begin to increase shareholders 'wealth that focuses on owners' rights as they are widely applied in the United States and the United Kingdom. Other models in Germany or Japan include their focus on other stakeholders: the labor force and bankers…... This course also discusses the reasons for the Board of Directors to form one or two layers. It also includes discussions on the structure of the Board of Directors, the committees, their roles, and their various tasks, and focuses on the Audit, Appointment, and Remuneration Committees.

The Audience:

Members of the board of directors, general managers, executives, senior management, financial managers, legal advisors, lawyers, internal and external auditors, and heads of various departments, especially finance and personnel.

Course Outcome:

  • An overview of corporate governance and the definition of corporate governance
  • The scope of corporate governance
  • Basic principles of corporate governance
  • Governance functions and structures Start Board of Directors.
  • Alternative structures for the Council
  • One-layer and two-layer models
  • Independence of the Council
  • Selection and determination of remuneration and salaries and evaluation of the work of the Council
  • Models and mechanisms to implement governance model to increase the wealth of shareholders
  • The model of increasing the wealth of the institution.
  • Global governance models.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Best practices for governance of international corporate governance institutions.
  • The principles of governance from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Stakeholder governance.
  • Shareholders' equity.
  • Different types of managers.
  • Disclosure and transparency comparing the financial and operational results with the Company's objectives.
  • Rewards Policy for Board Members and Executives

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