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Day 5: 8:00am to 5:00pm
AED 500
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Arts of Marketing and Sales

Advanced Financial Accounting and Financial Performance Analysis and Skills

Course Description :

  • The course aims to provide a range of knowledge to participants in the field of financial information systems department as financial risks increase in business organizations
  • Provide participants with a set of skills regarding the new IFRS and identify the changes that have been applied to the international and Arab business environments
  • Identify how to use and benefit from financial reports by reviewing them critically
  • Provide participants with modern tools to forecast future financial performance and report on failures or financial success of organizations.

The Audience:

  • Financial accounting staff and financial analysts
  • Financial management and budgeting staff
  • Audition
  • Credit risk
  • Insurance and the stock exchange companies
  • Data entry and cashiers.

Course Content:

  • Development of international accounting information systems
  • Strategic financial analysis of financial statements
  • Using statistical methods in predicting financial failure and measuring financial fraud
  • Management Financial Risks
  • Assessment of financial risks associated with asset handling
  • Assessment of the financial risks associated with processing financial investments and leasing
  • Planning budgets, analysis, and measurement of financial risks
  • Use of current budgets in financial risk assessment
  • Use of cash balances in financial risk assessment
  • Use of investment budgets in financial risk assessment

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