Bachelor in Human Resource

The Human Resource Management program at MCM will equip students with the ability to examine how companies operate as well as the importance of human resource management and how it relates to the effectiveness within an organization.

No matter what field our graduates enter, studying human resource management prepares students for a wide range of jobs and positions. Effective leadership of human resources requires an understanding of strategy, lawand procedures, as well as an understanding of appropriate reactions to individual values, personality, experiences, perceptions, emotions, and attitudes. It also requires an understanding of the potential dilemmas likely to arise during policy formation and implementation and during times of organizational change.

  • Program Goals
    • Develop Critical Thinking: Develop the student’s ability to think critically and analyze opportunities to improve organizational performance through human resources management.
    • Refine Techniques: Enable the graduates to apply techniques in talent management, recruitment and compensation planning.
    • Develop Ethical Code: Develop the student’s ability to make ethical decisions based on human resource professional standards and practices that are in the best interest of the organization.
    • Apply Analytical Skills Effectively: Provide the student with analytical skills to utilize Human Resources metrics and technological applications to enhance the effectiveness of recruitment, training, development and retention of human resources.
    • Enhance Understanding: Strengthen the student’s understanding how the alignment of human resources strategy with the organization as a whole.
    • Reinforce Teamwork and Leadership: Strengthen the student’s abilities to work in and lead teams that culturally and geographically diverse.
  • Career Prospects
    Become Outstanding… Working in…
    • Careers adviser
    • Recruitment Consultant
    • Human Resources Officer
    • Officer Manager
    • Occupational Psychologist
    • HR Adviser
    • Business consulting companies
    • Insurance companies
    • Work and family programs
    • Government departments/agencies and regulatory authorities
    • Law Firms

Program Structures

  • General Education Requirements
    (30 Credit Hour)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 ENG101 English I
    2 ENG102 English II
    3 GEN104 Arabic
    4 GEN106 Islamic Culture
    5 GEN120 Natural Sciences
    6 BUS120 Business Statistics
    7 GEN130 Sociology
    8 GEN115 Information Technology
    9 GEN110 Mathematics
    10 GEN103 Critical and Creative Thinking

  • College Requirements Management Core
    (33 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 ACT205

    Introduction to Accounting

    2 ECO210 Introduction to Economics
    3 FIN215 Introduction to Finance
    4 MGT101 Introduction to Management
    5 MKT201 Introduction to Marketing
    6 BUS212 Business Law
    7 BUS210 Business Ethics
    8 BUS230 Quantitative Business Analysis
    9 MGT450 Strategic Management
    10 BUS205 Business Communications
    11 GEN103 Research Method
  • Human Resource Department Requirements
    (18 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 HRM200 Introduction to HRM
    2 HRM310 Group Dynamics
    3 MGT410 Leaderships
    4 BUS325 Interpersonal Communication
    5 BUS310 Business Negotiations
    6 HRM360 Labor Laws in the UAE

  • Human Resource Major Requirements
    (36 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 HSY310 Hospitality Marketing
    2 HSY305 Tourism Management
    3 HSY330 Introduction to Food Service Operation
    4 HSY302 Hospitality Technology
    5 HSY430 Customer Service Management in Hospitality
    6 MGT443 International Business Management
    7 HSY410 Restaurant Management
    8 HSY451 Hotel Management and Operations
    9 MGT330 Cross Cultural Management
    10 HSY490 Graduation Project I (3 Credit Hours)
    11 HSY491 Graduation Project II (3 Credit Hours)

  • Human Resource Electives
    (9 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 MGT230 Organizational Behavior
    2 HRM301 Organizational Design
    3 MGT427 Organizational Development and Change
    4 MGT410 Leadership
    5 HRM310 Group Dynamics
    6 MGT370 Knowledge Management

Programs Offered

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