Bachelor in Hospitality Management

This four-year Hospitality Management program at MENA College of Management was developed from extensive industry input and designed with a focus on progressive learning in four key hospitality and tourism areas including management, finance, human resources and marketing. Students are provided with the opportunity to learn and develop teamwork, leadership, communication, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Graduates are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience required to succeed in a broad range of hospitality and tourism careers.

  • Program Goals
    • Enhance Analytical Skills: Enable the student to analyze the relationship between functional areas of hospitality and leverage synergies to maximize performance
    • Integrate Technology with Organization: Strengthen the student's ability to apply technology to enhance hospitality organizational performance
    • Develop Ethical Code: Instill within the student an understanding of the legal and ethical considerations affecting hotels and food services organizations
    • Apply Knowledge Effectively: Develop the student to model the behavior of effective leaders and apply concepts of leadership to hospitality management
    • Refine Leadership Skills: Enable the student to model the behavior of effective leadership and apply concepts of leadership to hospitality management
    • Widen Global Perspective: Provide the student with a global perspective and knowledge of diversity issues related to hospitality management
  • Career Prospects
    Become Outstanding… Working in…
    • Club Managers
    • Independent consultants in HM
    • Event planners
    • Restaurant managers and supervisors
    • Independent entrepreneurs in HM
    • Guest services
    • Food and beverage management
    • Facility management companies
    • Human resource companies
    • Department of Culture and Tourism

Program Structures

  • General Education Requirements
    (30 Credit Hour)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 ENG101 English I
    2 ENG102 English II
    3 GEN104 Arabic
    4 GEN106 Islamic Culture
    5 GEN120 Natural Sciences
    6 BUS120 Business Statistics
    7 GEN130 Sociology
    8 GEN115 Information Technology
    9 GEN110 Mathematics
    10 GEN103 Critical and Creative Thinking

  • College Requirements Management Core
    (33 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 ACT205

    Introduction to Accounting

    2 ECO210 Introduction to Economics
    3 FIN215 Introduction to Finance
    4 MGT101 Introduction to Management
    5 MKT201 Introduction to Marketing
    6 BUS212 Business Law
    7 BUS210 Business Ethics
    8 BUS230 Quantitative Business Analysis
    9 MGT450 Strategic Management
    10 BUS205 Business Communications
    11 GEN103 Research Methods

  • Hospitality Department Requirements
    (18 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 MKT317 Consumer Behavior
    2 HRM200 Introduction to HRM
    3 HRM360 Labor Laws in the UAE
    4 HSY415 Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry
    5 HSY340 Hospitality Law
    6 HSY202 Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality Major Requirements
    (36 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 HSY310 Hospitality Marketing
    2 HSY305 Tourism Management
    3 HSY330 Introduction to Food Service Operation
    4 HSY302 Hospitality Technology
    5 HSY430 Customer Service Management in Hospitality
    6 MGT443 International Business Management
    7 HSY410 Restaurant Management
    8 HSY451 Hotel Management and Operations
    9 MGT330 Cross Cultural Management
    10 HSY490 Graduation Project I (3 Credit Hours)
    11 HSY491 Graduation Project II (3 Credit Hours)
    12 HSY440 Internship (3 Credits)

  • Hospitality Electives
    (9 Credit Hours)
    Course Code Course Description
    1 MGT230 Organizational Behavior
    2 HRM301 Organizational Design
    3 MGT427 Organizational Development and Change
    4 MGT410 Leadership
    5 HRM310 Group Dynamics
    6 MGT370 Knowledge Management


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