Course description

  • The course is focused on practical application and includes field visits.
  • Identification of the publishing industry system.
  • Distinctive characteristics of traditional publications and electronic publications.
  • Determination of the stages of publishing books and electronic periodicals.
  • Presentation of examples of global experience in electronic publishing.

The audience

  • Mass media and Public Relation Officers.


  • Analysis and study of tenders.
  • Design and technical production of information materials.
  • Planning for media production and publishing.
  • Follow-up - stages evaluation of media production.
  • Recent media trends.
  • Electronic publishing.
  • Electronic publishing forms.
  • Electronic press.
  • Traditional media websites (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.).
  • Advertising sites.
  • Websites of audio and video.
  • Mobile broadcasting (messages, news, ads, pictures, etc.).
  • Broadcast via other messages (messages, news, ads, pictures, etc.).
  • Characteristics of electronic publishing.
  • Electronic publishing system (desktop publishing).
  • Global e-publishing experiences.
  • Arabic experiments for electronic publishing.
  • E-Book.
  • Electronic journals.

Training period
5 days

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