Course description

  • Defining the concept of risk management.
  • Risk management applications training.
  • Identifying the various risks faced by institutions.
  • Training in building an effective risk management strategy.
  • Characteristics of crises.
  • Crisis management phases.

The audience

  • Risk management personnel.
  • Human resources management staff.
  • Restructuring companies’ staff.
  • Strategic planning staff management staff
  • Government committees and military institutions.


  • Risk management concept.
  • Identifying the concept of risk.
  • Definition of risk management.
  • The strategic dimension of enterprise risk management.
  • The basic steps to build a risk management strategy.
  • Risk management techniques.
  • Transportation.
  • Avoidance.
  • Characteristics and specifications of administrative crises.
  • Sudden, violent, and severe.
  • Crisis stages and management.
  • Shock phase.
  • Success stage.

Training period
5 days

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