The MCM Training Unit is a division of MENA College of Management and has been established as one of the national training centers of excellence as it draws its strength from responding to customer needs, expectations, and deep expertise in the implementation of training programs.

The Training Unit provides services to public and private organizations, as well as individuals. Programs are delivered through experts in the division who draw on their local, regional, and global expertise to meet customers’ needs and expectations. The Unit demonstrates the latest and greatest scientific theories, methods, and strategies that enable learners to obtain optimal results and find the best possible solutions.

Through its international partnerships, the Training Unit is able to issue internationally recognized certifications in various fields of study.

The MCM’s Training Unit complies with all the regulations of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai and offers professional certification courses recognized by the KHDA.




Upon completion of the courses, you will receive a KHDA validated MENA College of Management Professional Certificate, which you can present to an employer, school or other institution as proof that you have successfully completed the course.

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