MCM graduates will be able to:

THINK: Demonstrate critical thinking represented by testing, inquiry, and theoretically informed social, cultural, and historical awareness.

CREATE: Integrate knowledge and skills in the conceptualization and realization of creative expression.

COMMUNICATE: Articulate ideas and visual concepts in writing, presentations, and professional practice.

INNOVATE: Frame visionary responses to evolving social, cultural, and economic needs and opportunities.

CONNECT: Engage as responsible and ethical citizens of diverse, local, global, and professional communities.

LEAD: Demonstrate leadership through appropriate research, methods, design, and professional conduct.

  1. Student Success
    MCM’s goal is to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s communities and workplaces
  2. Access to Higher Education
    To Higher Education, We develop comprehensive programming, multiple pathways, and support for students to achieve their educational goal
  3. Learning
    We provide excellence in education and skills development by encouraging all MCM students and others in the community to be lifelong learners
  4. Applied Research
    We contribute economically and socially with solution-focused research activities in collaboration with businesses, industry, social agencies, other institutions of higher learning, and the government
  5. Innovation
    We develop a culture that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and flexibility and embrace change in the best interest of organizational effectiveness
  6. Our Commitment to People
    To People, We create a dynamic working and learning community that values people, supports inclusion, initiative, personal development, and mutual well-being
  7. Our Commitment to Diversity and Equity in Employment
    We enhance a diverse workforce that promotes, reflects, and supports our diverse college community
  8. Internationalization
    MCM programs are currently in process for recognition in the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in Jordan, Syria, and Yemen

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