Transferring from high school to the College can be challenging. Our Admissions and Registration Department is ready to walk you through the process and explain our admission requirements, no matter which study program or country you are coming from.

All students who are interested in the MENA College of Management study program are required to meet our academic and English language requirements.

Regular admission

Students applying to MCM will be considered for full admission if they have the UAE General Secondary School Certificate or equivalent, and valid certifications of test scores of English language proficiency.

This admission applies to students who have:

  • a minimum of 60% average score in the UAE Secondary School Certificate.
  • a minimum English proficiency examination score of 1100 EmSAT, or 5.0 IELTS, or 500 TOEFL PBT (equivalent to 173 CBT, 61 IBT), or their equivalents on another standardized nationally- or internationally-recognized test that is approved by the UAE Ministry of Education.


Conditional admission

Conditional admission, also called “provisional admission” or “conditional acceptance,” means that you will be accepted to the MENA College of Management on the condition that you make up for a certain requirement you do not currently meet.

This admission applies to applicants who:

  • do not present an original, valid certification of a test score of English language proficiency meeting the requirement for regular admission may be conditionally admitted and register for up to 12 credits of study at MCM.
  • may take MCM’s English language placement exam and will be placed in English remedial courses based on the score achieved.
  • conditionally admitted students may not register for any additional courses beyond 12 credits until they fulfill the English language proficiency exam requirement. MCM is a testing center for the IELTS exam, under the authority of the British Council.

Transfer Admission

Transfer admissions refer to college students changing educational institutions during their college years. This is relevant to students who meet the admission conditions operative in MCM.
The candidates are eligible for admission subject to the following conditions:

  • Transfer students must meet all of the admission requirements of MCM for regular admission. Transfer students are not admitted under conditional admission.
  • The institution that an applicant is transferring from must be recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and use the credit-hour system.
  • Applicants transferring from other institutions must have earned a GPA of not less than 2.00 in their previous study, and may only be given transfer credit for courses that are equivalent to those offered by MCM and in which they have received a minimum grade of “C”.
  • If the transfer applicant has an academic warning on file (i.e. a CGPA of less than 2.00), s/he will only be accepted with the condition that s/he will study a different major from the one s/he was previously studying.
  • Before their admission, transfer students will be informed in writing of transfer credits approved by ARD. The transferred courses will be accepted upon receipt of official transcripts from the student’s previous institution(s).
  • Transfer credits are entered on the student’s transcript and the student’s academic plan with a grade of “TC”. The transferred courses are credited in terms of hours but no grade points are assigned; thus, they are not used in computing the student’s CGPA.
  • The number of credits a student may transfer into an MCM program must not exceed 50% of the total hours required for graduation.
  • The content of a transferred course must match at least 80% with the content of a comparable MCM course.
  • As an exception to point 8, some General Education courses can be transferred as meeting Humanities and Social Science or Natural and Applied Science requirements, even when such courses are not offered at MCM.
  • Credit is not granted twice for similar courses taken at different higher education institutions.
  • No transfer credits will be granted for graduation projects and thesis courses.

Visiting student’s admission

Visiting a student’s admission refers to a student who is completing a credential at another higher education institution who is permitted to attend MENA College of Management courses that will be applied to his/her certificate at the student's home institution.

Applicants are eligible for admission subject to the following conditions:

  • Visiting students must fully adhere to MCM regulations and rules, including attendance.
  • The cumulative number of credit hours for which a visiting student may register should not exceed 63 credit hours.
  • Visiting students cannot register for more than 2 consecutive regular semesters. (Short semesters are not counted).
  • A visiting student may later be accepted as a regular MCM student after compliance with MCM admission requirements.


English language requirements

All students who are interested in the MENA College of Management study program are required to meet our academic and English language requirements.


The following English language proficiency tests are accepted by MCM:
TOEFL PBT: the minimum TOEFL PBT score required by MCM is 500 or above (The TOEFL PBT can be taken at any of the accredited higher education institutions in UAE.)
TOEFL IBT: the minimum TOEFL IBT score required by MCM is 61 or above.
IELTS Academic: the minimum IELTS Academic score required by MCM is 5.0 or above.
The Cambridge Test of advanced English: the minimum score required by MCM is 154 or above.
The City & Guilds International Test of English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL (IESOL): the minimum score required by MCM is B1 or above.
The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic): the minimum score required by MCM is 44 or above
EmSAT test: the minimum score required by MCM is 1100 or above.

All Admissions and Registration Department consultants are experienced and can explain everything you need to know about the programs on offer. If you want to meet with our Academic Staff, they are also available by prior arrangement.

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