Response from Readiness Inspection Team from the Ministry of Education visit | Response from MoE


“Readiness Inspection Team” from the Ministry of Education visited MENA College of Management on September 8-9.

MCM has received from the MoE a document indicating the points where further work is needed. Of the 82 points included in the Ministry’s template document for Covid-19 preparedness, to which MCM responded, only ten are mentioned as the points needing further work. At least three of these have already been addressed since the team’s visit. That means that we have addressed over 90% of the items looked at by the team.

This is an excellent showing. We would like to thank everyone who was part of the preparation for last month’s visit, as well as those who interacted with the team during its visit. A special thanks to our medical colleagues, Dr. James and Ms. Joby, for their leadership, and to General Services colleagues for coordinating the physical changes we see on the campus.

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