Specialist English Language Courses

Specialist English Language Courses

Business English:

This course aims to improve the use of English in professional settings. It is designed for Business Executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and Business Graduates to build language confidence through improved comprehension and to develop fluency for the enhancement of commercial and cross cultural communication skills. Various aspects of Business English will be covered including, but not limited to measurements, social language, participation in meetings and presentations. Also in the Course is an introduction to Business Letters, ordering and confirmations.


English for Travel and Tourism:

Travel and tourism is an industry where the ability to communicate clearly and confidently is an absolute must. English for Travel & Tourism Industry will develop your proficiency in a number of areas and jobs related to this industry. You will learn key language points, vocabulary, and phrases to communicate better in travel and tourism industry. As people continue to travel around the world, the importance of Hospitality Industry and Tourism English is increasing dramatically. The topics include: body language, phone etiquette, and email etiquette, grammar in context, phrasal verbs and prepositions. This course will give you the language skills and confidence you need to boost your career in travel and tourism industry.


English for Banking and Finance:

The current challenges set by regulation, diversification and separation of the commercial and investment sectors mean you will need to use your English in a variety of new scenarios. This course tailors to the specific requirements of Finance professionals by helping them to increase proficiency and confidence in using English in Banking and Finance environment by developing a core set of English expressions related to work functions. Whether you need to advise a client on a strategy, present a valuation analysis, interpret financial data or secure a deal with a potential client, we will analyze your needs and provide the key language.


What classes will you take?

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Writing and Grammar
  • Reading and Vocabulary
  • College Skills  (activities including textbook reading, note-taking, discussion, oral presentation )
  • Weekly Comprehensive Test   (The tests assess the effect of learning and help instructors modify teaching to meet students’ needs.) 


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