English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes

MENA College of Management offers English for Academic purposes Program to cater to the needs of those students with limited English Proficiency. The standards for English Language Proficiency provides an understanding of these principles of Language acquisition. It is open to students who have a serious desire to improve their language skills. This challenging program is beneficial to working professionals and to students preparing for University study or professional Programs .Therefore, proficiency in English Language is essentially a decisive factor for student’s success. Students, who qualify for admission but fail to secure a minimum score of equivalent to TOEFL 500, IELTS 5, a Certificate of Cambridge Advanced English Assessment or any other English standard test that must enroll in the English Exams preparation courses.


This program aims to create opportunities for engagement between International and domestic students to promote both language and cultural development. All classes are designed, with a strong emphasis on academic skills and intercultural competence, to develop and synthesize the core English language proficiency skills necessary for success in the College programs as well as in a global environment.


Admission to the English for Academic Purposes:

Students will remain in the English for Academic purposes Program until they achieve a required proficiency in English Language. Therefore, students will not be enrolled as regular students until they satisfy the requirement of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .While studying in this Program, student may be allowed to register for up to three General Education Courses for the first semester. In the case if not being able to obtain the required score in the first semester, the student is not permitted to enroll in any courses in the following one.

 According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the maximum number of General Education courses allowed while studying in the EAP Program is five courses.


Placement testing requirement

Students who score below 500 in TOEFL or its equivalent qualify for admission into the EAP Program.

The Placement Test will be administered by the College and the results will determine placement to provide an appropriate instructional level for identified students who have limited experience in English.


Study modes:


This level is for students who understand adapted reading material and some authentic material and are able to communicate most ideas clearly when speaking or writing, but may still need support to identify and correct errors. With guidance, students can engage in authentic academic listening and collaborative speaking tasks, and produce essays on abstract concepts incorporating complex grammatical structures.

Achievement of proficiency required to complete within a 2 week instruction. TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses that emphasize test-taking and refining English language skills are also offered in selected sessions.



Students concentrate on developing fundamental English skills in an interactive classroom setting. Course work emphasizes those skills necessary for effective oral and written communication. Instruction covers all areas of language development: practical vocabulary, basic language structures and the essentials of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This can be attained with our 4 weeks instruction.

MENA ESOL Center offers a number of specialist classes in a standardized Test Preparation in addition to the core classes. We deliver excellence in English Language training designed for various Industry type along with Cambridge Advanced English Courses to develop your strengths in Academic and Global environment.

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